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Border Crossing

Tuesday 22nd of October

After breakfast I began heading for Stockholm. It was going to be a long drive and I expected it to take two or three days.

I crossed the border into Sweden and after a few kilometres I had a change of mind. I looked at the map and saw that the journey to Stockholm and then to Malmo where I had to be eventually, was going to be more than a thousand miles further than heading down the Atlantic coast via Gothenburg then on to Malmo. I deliberated and decided it wasn’t worth it. The landscape in Sweden can be quite monotonous, consisting of trees, lakes and small rolling hills and is not the kind of landscape I enjoy.

I would also like to explore more of the Atlantic coast so I plotted a route and as I write this I’m having lunch in a rest area called Vassvikken.

Vassvikken rest area, a place to deliberate

I needed a campsite that evening so as usual I consulted ‘Campercontact’ and saw a place in a marina at Henån on the island of Orust. I thought the coastline might provide some interesting material from a photography point of view and I could spend the day tomorrow driving around the coast looking for good seascapes. 

So that was that and I changed course and got myself down to the island of Orust. The campsite I was heading for was not what I was expecting. There was a huge area avaialable to park in with electric hook up and good wifi. What made it really special was that clothes washing and drying and the showers were included in the price of 150kr (about £12). Brilliant!

First thing was a good shower, oh how I needed a shower!!

OYS Camper Parking, Orust, Sweden
OYS Marina Camper Parking, Orust, Sweden

Time to begin the journey south

Monday 30 September 2019

Woke up to snowfall around the van. I guess the Arctic winter is about to kick in. More snow is forecast throughout the day here. Trying to decide if I should stay here and shoot some snow scenes (more snow forecast for the next two days) or head back to Norway and the coast, where it’s 10 degrees warmer. Decisions.


Decided to play safe and head back down the mountains. The snow continued to fall and there was a distinct possibility I would get snow bound in Sweden. I returned over the border back into Norway. So I’m now on my way to Skardberg where I’ll get the ferry to Bognes and I’ll head down to Bodø. 

The journey down the mountain was fairly uneventful though some careful driving driving was required to negotiate some of the tight bends at the same time as large articulated trucks coming the other way! 


Caught the ferry from Skardberg to Bognes that took about 30 minutes and then continued down the E-6, eventually stopping in a large rest area near Tømmerneset with half decent facilities. 

On the way I passed Lake Skilvatnet and got some nice images of the sun going down over the lake with some grasses in the foreground. Certainly worth working on when I get home.

Lake Skilvatnet

The rain, that seemed to be following me most of the day, eased off and I settled down for a quiet, but chilly, night. The temperature now falls to freezing and just below most nights. 

I wild camped that evening on the shores of Lake Sardnesvatnet. Very pleasant.