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My first day in Denmark

Friday 26 July 2019

Day 5

I got up at 5.30 after a good sleep at Bockholmwik, Didn’t put the bed away, just got ready to leave I got into the drivers seat and left before 6.0am The Office was closed so I didn’t pay but I didn’t use any facilities so didn’t feel guilty. I was surprised by coming across the border post on Route 200 just south of Krusa on Flensborgvej (name of street). The Post was not much bigger than a phone box! I was greeted by a young border guard who was very friendly. He checked my passport and away I went into Denmark.

My first impression of Denmark was that it was such a clean and well ordered place. The roads were not very busy and everything looked in its place. The people I met were friendly and welcoming.

As I drove north I had to cross the Storebaelt Bridge the 18 km long bridge across the Great Belt (Storebælt) links together the eastern and western parts of Denmark. It is a fantastic piece of engineering and architecture. However, when you get to the other end you have to go through the toll booth and you find it has just cost you £28 to cross. Then, when you work out what it has saved you in ferry fares and fuel, the realisation comes to you that it’s a bargain – I think!

Storebaelt Bridge

But my main reason for taking this route was to cross the bridge, the bridge featured in the TV series imaginatively called “The Bridge” and I didn’t have to wait long, but that’s a story for later.

I found a campsite with some really good reviews in a small town called Hillerod, some north of Copenhagen and it did not disappoint. With excellent facilities and even free coffee every morning for all guests.

I checked in and set up the van for a couple of nights stay.