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Ships and helicopters!

Saturday 21 September 2019


Up at 6 to the sound of sleeting on the van roof. Looked out of the window to discover I had camped next to a large ship. It doesn’t look like fishing boat but it is working at something. 

Honestly, it wasn’t there when I went to bed!!!

After breakfast set off to photograph the mountains just up the road, looking moody with sleet and cloud. 

Super landscape to spend the night in

Drove past Sjøtun and got a picture of a house with a fishing boat and the mountains behind. Looked typical Norway. 

Just so Norwegian.

Then continued in the direction of Sommarøy island. Stopped in a rest area just before the bridge to get some panos of bridge and nearby islands. 

Such beautiful modern bridges


A bit of excitement when an air ambulance landed at the Sommarøy Hotel together with a road ambulance. Patient taken away by road. 

Brought back a few memories of a previous career

Brought back a few memories

With the excitement over I headed south to a small bay and got pics of the distant snow covered mountains of Kvaløya   


Took some shots from under the Sommarøy bridge with boat passing under, but the light was rubbish so they’ll probably go in the bin.

During planning about 6 months ago, I had seen a place called Oteren and I decided now would be the time to go there as it is more or less on the way to Lofoten and I’ve decided that I will spend a few more days exploring the Lofoten islands before I begin the journey south. 


I can’t find anywhere to park the van to get good shots of the mountains around Oteren, so I’m going to find a place to stay for the night and make some detailed plans for the rest of road trip. 


I’m now back at a place I camped at about 4 weeks ago called Lullefjellet Naturreservat at Skibotn just off the E6. It’s in a forest, surrounded by high mountains and very quiet. This’ll do!