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One Week Gone Already!

Sunday 28 July 2019

Day 7

The journey through Denmark was all too brief and I could have stayed another week exploring just Copenhagen but I have an appointment to keep with some wild brown bears!

This first couple of weeks of the trip is a bit of a rush but will slow down in the next couple of days giving me chance to take photographs and really take in the surroundings. 

So one week into the adVANture and I’m up against a slight problem. I’ve created a couple of vlogs but finding difficulty in getting sufficient Wi-fi to upload the files to YouTube. I think I’m going to give up the idea of doing a regular vlog purely for that reason. 

On thinking about it, I could probably put everything into a WordPress Blog and get the information and the pictures out that way. I’ll look into it.

Meantime, I found a place to wild camp for the night on my way north to Finland.

My first day in Denmark

Friday 26 July 2019

Day 5

I got up at 5.30 after a good sleep at Bockholmwik, Didn’t put the bed away, just got ready to leave I got into the drivers seat and left before 6.0am The Office was closed so I didn’t pay but I didn’t use any facilities so didn’t feel guilty. I was surprised by coming across the border post on Route 200 just south of Krusa on Flensborgvej (name of street). The Post was not much bigger than a phone box! I was greeted by a young border guard who was very friendly. He checked my passport and away I went into Denmark.

My first impression of Denmark was that it was such a clean and well ordered place. The roads were not very busy and everything looked in its place. The people I met were friendly and welcoming.

As I drove north I had to cross the Storebaelt Bridge the 18 km long bridge across the Great Belt (Storebælt) links together the eastern and western parts of Denmark. It is a fantastic piece of engineering and architecture. However, when you get to the other end you have to go through the toll booth and you find it has just cost you £28 to cross. Then, when you work out what it has saved you in ferry fares and fuel, the realisation comes to you that it’s a bargain – I think!

Storebaelt Bridge

But my main reason for taking this route was to cross the bridge, the bridge featured in the TV series imaginatively called “The Bridge” and I didn’t have to wait long, but that’s a story for later.

I found a campsite with some really good reviews in a small town called Hillerod, some north of Copenhagen and it did not disappoint. With excellent facilities and even free coffee every morning for all guests.

I checked in and set up the van for a couple of nights stay.