What is ‘normal’ life?

20 January 2020

So I’m back to what’s usually called ‘normal’ life. So normal life for me has consisted, for the past six weeks or so, of editing the images and video clips I brought back from the Scandinavian AdVANture. That’s 15,000 images and around 8 hours of video.

I’m putting together a presentation of the whole journey and I have to edit all that material down to around one and a half hours and write a script for it. Now that might sound like I’m complaining, trust me I’m not!

I’m finding the whole process fascinating and addictive. The challenge is trying to avoid spending twelve hours a day in front of the computer, although I do have a deadline in that I’m committed to making the presentation in front of YORK Photographic Society at the end of February and that will be its first public outing.

I calculate that I’m about a third of the way to completion, so not too far behind. However, this week I have various appointments that I can’t cancel or postpone, so I’m not going to get much further with the project.

Today the van is in the workshop of Thistle Rose Leisure in Skipton having one replacement and one new solar panel fitted. Whilst waiting for that I’m having coffee in Morrison’s cafe – living the dream! I guess that’s ‘normal’ life. Rock ‘n’ Roll !!

Living the Dream!

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