Lots to do!

21 December 2019

So now I’ve been back almost a month and the road trip is already beginning to feel like a distant memory.

I’ve begun putting the presentation together and as I sort through the images and video clips I’m so glad that I have such a comprehensive record of all the places I visited and the magnificent landscape I experienced. I come across photographs of places that I’d already forgotten about which is not surprising really considering the distance I covered during the journey.

Christmas is approaching and yet my thoughts are concentrated on putting together the story of the past few months whilst I still feel the emotions I experienced in those wonderful places.

My first presentation is for York Photographic Society on 26 February and though it is still two months away I feel an urgency to get the story written and the whole show put together.

A couple of days ago I took the drone out in my local area, on a misty morning and reminded myself that I live in a unique part of the world with its own character and beauty. Despite this, I’m already getting itchy feet and thinking of planning another road trip, but it certainly won’t be for at least another year. 2021 look out ‘cos I’m coming at ya, I just don’t know where yet. That’s for later, for now, I must concentrate on “A Scandinavian AdVANture”.

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