Copenhagen Weekend

15-18 November 2019

I had a fantastic weekend in Copenhagen with Fiona. It began on Friday when we went straight to our AirB&B very close to the centre of the city. It was very small (with the smallest bathroom in the world!!) but good for a couple of nights and we won’t be spending much time in it anyway.

Our AirB&B was in the building on the left and our favourite bakery was just across the street.

Just across the street was a superb bakeri selling the most delicious cinnamon buns amongst other things.

Friday evening and we had a walk into the city centre about 15 minutes away. It was buzzing despite the chilly weather.

Saturday we spent exploring the city and found it to be a wonderful capital city with art, history and Christmas markets. Here are some images from the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum that houses many sculptures by Rodin and others.

We visited the magnificent Copenhagen Royal Library, where ancient and modern architecture have been brought together to create a wonderful space for learning or to just admire. See below.

A visit to the central market proved very interesting

We also had a good look around the Christmas Markets (there were several) and booked tickets to visit Tivoli Gardens on Sunday.

Sunday we had a real good look around the city and found some of the murals that it’s famous for.

After working up an appetite with alot of walking we made our way to the parliament building and the restaurant on the top floor called the Tower. This is quite an exclusive place to eat and Fi had booked lunch there before she flew into Denmark. The place and the food was superb.

After being well fed we resumed our tour of the city and came across a Leonard Cohen exhibition and went inside.

It has an interesting exhibit comprising a keyboard which played a different line from one of Cohen’s poems, in Cohen’s own voice, when you played a different key.

The autumn colours were still apparent as we walked around the city.

After a beer in the bar just around the corner from our apartment, we decided to call it a day.

Monday and all too soon it’s time for Fiona to catch her flight back to the UK and for me to go and collect the Silver Fox for the drive to Rotterdam and the ferry back home. I made sure I had a proper cinnamon bun and a coffee for breakfast and off we went to the railway station for our train to the airport.

1 thought on “Copenhagen Weekend

  1. hirundography

    Phenomenal set Illy. Kobenhavn is one of my ALL time fave cities. Hope you sampled some ice-cold Aquavit 😉 They wouldn’t let me bring my favourite brand through customs. *SIGH*. Take care mate. H



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