Falsterbo, Kolabacken National Park, Skåne

Sunday 10 November 2019

After doing some research on everybody’s favourite search engine I thought it may be interesting to go to Falsterbo, and the Kolabacken National Park there. This is a long sliver of land that sticks out into Øresund just south of Malmo and the Øresund bridge. The Kolabacken National Park is a bird reserve and is famous for migrating birds of many kinds passing through on their long journey.

On the map above you can see Falsterbo Nature Reserve to the south. North of that, the E20 is the Øresund bridge, famous for it’s role in the TV series “The Bridge”.

Falsterbo, Kolabacken National Park, Skåne, Sweden

During the summer this area is also a sanctury for breeding grey seals and is closed off to visitors until the end of October.

Sunset on the Falsterbo, Kolabacken, National Park, Sweden

I have more content to place on this blog and will update it as soon as I can.

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