Wednesday 30 October 2019

I continued along the E13 heading in the general direction of the coast and thought I would try to make the long hike to the famous piece of rock known as Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). This rock stands 604 metres (1982 feet) above Lysefjorden and the return hike takes around four hours climbing 350 metres and is a 7.6kms round trip. It was well within my capabilities. So I checked the weather forecast and it was abysmal. Not only was it bad but it was due to get worse over the next few days. So with a heavy heart I decided to abandon the hike to Preikestolen.

Just out of curiosity I did call into the car park where you start the hike, well, nearly into the car park. The charge for parking there is a whopping 250NOK, around £25.

These Norwegians know where to hit a Yorkshireman where it hurts – in his wallet!

So what now? Well Lysefjorden is a really beautiful fjord with high canyon like walls of rock on either side, so I thought I’d try to get into a location where I could photograph the fjord showing its character.

Lysefjorden. This was the weather I thought it best to avoid.
Preikestolen is just right of centre. Note the size of the fairly large boat on the water.
The closest I got to the Pulpit Rock!
As often happens, it was the intimate landscape that produced the best image of the day for me.

And so I made my way to Tau on the coast, across the water from Stavanger, and found a a quiet little rest area on the water’s edge to spend the night.

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