Back in the mountains

Saturday 26 October 2019

I drove straight to the Hardranger National Park after breakfast and came a village called Åmotsdal that had a very pretty little church, now with a gentle covering of snow surrounding it.

Åmotsdal church

As I got to higher ground the snow became deeper and I was beginning to think this may not have been such a good idea. But it did make for a couple of winter pictures.

Hardranger National Park
Hardranger National Park

The roads didn’t seem too bad and the weather looked good. The forecast was for clear skies for the next couple of days, so I continued into the Park, which is huge.


Many of the trees retained their autumn foliage despite the freezing temperatures and sometimes gusty winds. I passed many beautiful scenes and took photographs with the ‘big’ camera, in addition to the ones I took with the iPhone like the one below at a place called Rauland


Eventually I came to a valley called Brattlandsdalen with enormous mountains surrounding perfectly calm reflecting lakes. There were waterfalls and canyons but by now it was too dark to make any photographs, so I pulled into a rest area for the night. I knew I was next to a waterfall but I couldn’t see it. It would have to waiting until morning.

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