Cinnamon Buns and a Cruise Ship!

Thursday 10 October 2019

Not a great sunrise this morning so off on an early start to make my way to Geiranger. 

Journeyed through some stunning landscape and came to a rest area a few kilometres from Geiranger situated at the top of a mountain with stunning views down towards Geirangerfjord. Flew the drone but not happy with the pictures I got. 

Made my way down to the popular viewpoint not far away and spent some time making pictures from there. 


Even though it’s completely out of season, the tourists were arriving by the coach load from a large cruise ship that was moored in the fjord. 


I made my way down to the small town and had a walk around. It’s a lovely vibrant place that obviously owes a lot to the visiting cruise ships. And why not. 

I found a little coffee shop, the CafeOlé, and when I asked the owner if she had a cinnamon bun, she said, “if you have 30 mins to spare, I’ll bake you one!”  So who could resist an offer like that 😁

Cafe Ole, Geiranger
Cinnaman buns – delicious!

I walked up above the village and took the pathway down the side of the Storesfossen waterfall and got some photos. It was getting dark by this time so I made my way in the van up to the rest area above the village on the route 63. 

There’s a superb viewpoint there that overlooks the whole village and I enjoyed watching the cruise ship AIDA Mar leave the fjord in the dark.

The AIDA Mar leaving Geirangerfjord

3 thoughts on “Cinnamon Buns and a Cruise Ship!

  1. Fiona Illingworth

    Fabulous images. Looks like an interesting place … tucked away at the end of what I bet is a stunning fjord.



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