Let’s go to Abisko Canyon in Sweden!

Saturday 28 September 2019

Had a sleep-in this morning until 9.0am after staying up until 2.0am. I shot lots of photos of a brilliant aurora display and on returning to the van I did some catching up on the blog.

There were some lovely reflections in the fjord this morning of the cabins on the campsite that have been built in the style of the old rorbu or fishermen’s cabins.

Whilst having breakfast in the kitchen I got chatting to a Dutch guy who was also travelling. He had been on the road for two months like me but unlike me he had no end date. We got chatting about global warming and how it’s altering the seasons here in Norway according to the local people. I really enjoy meeting people on this trip and though it’s usually only for a few minutes, it’s encouraging to find so many positive people who just enjoying travelling.

I left the campsite at Brustranda Sjøcamping and thought I’d try something I’ve had in mind for a while – flying the drone under one of those beautiful modern bridges they have here. I did it and to be honest I was a bit disappointed with the result. I’ll try it again later.

I had contact with Tim Parkin on Facebook who told me about Abisko canyon just over the border in Sweden and I decided that that would be my next port of call. However it is a five hour drive!

The weather doesn’t look good for the next few days but I can’t do anything about it so I’ll just head over to Sweden and see what happens.

On the way I was struck by the glorious colour of the leaves as they turned from green to gold. Autumn was really kicking in now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before winter was upon us and I really must begin heading south.

I’m basically following the E10 off the Lofoten islands and towards Sweden.

On the way I past a memorial to…..well, I’ll let the memorial explain.

I had a look round for a while and tried to image the horror they must have gone through. War does such terrible things and in the end you have to ask what is the point of all this suffering?

I found Abisko Canyon quite easily and found a quiet place to spend the night.

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