Swamps and Flying Boats

Monday 23 September 2019

Today was a really interesting day so far as my photography was concerned. Looking for landscapes to photograph, I find, is like waiting for a bus, you wait for ages and then three come along at once.

The journey took me from Bjervik, where I’d spent the night, along the E10 and past a small settlement called Herjangen. Just past there I came across what looked like a huge area of swamp land. The area contained deep brown and tan coloured swamp grass islands that I photographed from as close as I could without falling into the swamp! I put the drone up to see if I could see the depth of the water, but it looked down into black water that seemed quite menacing, so I decided not to go any further into the area.

There were a number of small beautiful plants covered in the morning dew that made really good subjects though.

Just a kilometre up the road there was a very photogenic lake, I later learned was Lake Gállojávr. On the banks of the lake the wispy reeds were covered in the morning’s frost and in the distance I could see a small fisherman’s hut. It looked idyllic.

A little further up the road I came upon the small village of Lødingen where there’s a memorial to those killed in the crash of a Shorts Sunderland Flying Boat, the “Kvitbjørn”, in August 1947. The remains of one of the engines serves as the memorial centrepiece. Very poignant.

As I continued along the E10 I came to the Vesterstraumen Bru (bridge), a fine example of the design and engineering achievements of the modern road engineering that has taken place over the last forty years in Norway.

Vesterstraumen Bru

That evening I made my way to a campsite I’d been to before at Sildpollnes Sjøcamp in the Vågan area of Nordland and settled in for the night. This site is in the most picturesque of surroundings and is very close to a really pretty little harbour where you can watch small fishing boats go in and out all day to their local fishing grounds.

A small local fishing boat makes its way out to the fjord
Sildpollnes Sjøcamp is on the end of the peninsular you can see centre right
The local fishing boat dwarfed by the surrounding mountains

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