Saying Goodbye to Fiona!

Friday 20 September 2019

This is the day Fiona flies home to the UK from Tromsø. We spent the night (and most of yesterday) at the Tromsø Camping which, even though it looks like a car park and is very clinical, has some excellent facilities, including a sauna.

We packed everything up and sorted the van out then headed for the centre of Tromsø to a bakeri coffee shop called KaffeBonna. We had coffee and cake (delicious and a bargain at only £22 !!!!) We had a quick look around the street market that was happening and then headed to the airport. 

Norwegian priced coffee and cake at the kaffe bonna


Said goodbye and safe journey to Fi and off she went. 

SAS Flight SK4423 takes off from Tromsø with Fi on board after a brilliant holiday with me.

I headed off to an island called Kvaløya to the west of Tromsø and had a good look around before I found a place to wildcamp for the night. It was at the head of ….fjord. Snow is forecast for during the night so I hope I can get away in the morning! 



Message from Fiona to say that she was home safe 😊

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