Wednesday 18 September 2019

(Most of this post written by FIONA Illingworth, whilst enjoying her well deserved holiday with me here in Norway)

8.30 am

We are up and have had half our breakfast. We will also have toast but John has gone to ask the Norwegian air stewards if he can take their photo whilst they have their breakfast outside. It is quite cold this morning and we are both full of admiration for them. They are made hardy here if nothing else. 

There are two caddy vans here too and I am amazed how much they manage to cram into the small space. They have to cook mostly outside or from the back of the tailgate. We have seen both extremes: huge mobile homes and then these small caddy vans. I think we have got it about right. John and I have shared this space of ours, with two lots of camera kit and a drone. It has been a tad squashed at times but mostly it is fine. Having said that, I am sure John will be glad of the extra space when I go back. 

It is colder and breezier today and there is a real threat of snow tonight so let’s see how today goes. John wants to have a go taking a time lapse this morning. If we are going to potter about on the beach for any length of time then I am going to have to put on some more layers. Packing the rucksack tomorrow and deciding what to take and what to leave in the van will be an interesting one. John suggested I leave the tripod but I am reluctant to do that because I may want to use it at home.

4.15 pm

We are on a small road between two mountains, just off the 854, and on our way to Storsteinnes and have come upon a perfect little lake, Ytre Fiskelaus-vatnet, by Furudal. The mountain peaks have a covering of snow.  I had a go at shooting the mountains and the water using my cokin filters. Not sure how successful it will be but time will tell. It is freezing cold even though the sun is shining; the car dashboard says it is 6 degrees. 

On our way back over the mountains we stopped at a place called Bergsbotn where a viewing platform has been built to enable visitors to view the whole of Bergsfjord and the mountains in the background. The mountains in the background include Hesten and Segla that we visited and hiked up, Hesten, a few days ago.


Not sure where we will stop tonight but its about time we started thinking about our night stop before the weather deteriorates

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