More of Lofoten

Sunday 8 September 2019

(Most of this post written by FIONA Illingworth, whilst enjoying her well deserved holiday with me here in Norway)

We were up before dawn because the light looked promising. So we were up and out at Hamnøy by 6 am. We’ve made a few photographs. It is a beautiful morning and the sun is shining on us from out at sea.

I flew the drone and got some overhead shots of the bridge and the mountain behind the village. I look forward to editing those. They’ll become part of the full 45 minute film.

8.55 am

Fiona wrote this today and I agree with everything she says :-

“I am blown away by the stark beauty of this string of islands. I feel so blessed to be in this place. I know it is half chance and half sheer hard work that has brought us both here. There is, I think, a balance to be had between destiny (what will be) and desire (how it will be). You get so much luck in the world, but it is what you do with it that shapes your journey. I really believe that. We must remain always open to possibilities and seize every moment. It may never come again. I don’t want to miss the good times because I’m too busy waiting for what I think good times might look like. Life doesn’t work like that.”

Hamnøy Bridge, Lofoten
Early morning, Hamnoy Harbour

20.25 pm

We are in a campsite about 15 km from Leknes on the inner road (815). It is a good campsite in a lovely setting and we have been able to cook in the kitchen, have a shower and use the washing machine. I’ve had to dry everything in the tumble dryer … just hope to goodness that everything hasn’t shrunk!

This is such a beautiful place with white sand beaches, towering mountains with rugged peaks, picturesque buildings, all of which make it sound like a photographer’s dream. But it really isn’t easy.

We have been through Vikten, Myrland, Ramburgh, Sund, etc … all interesting in their own right. We’ve driven to the end of many a small road, wondered at the isolation; we’ve looked up at mountains wondering if we should really be making the effort to walk up a few. But where to start?  

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