Day 4 of the AdBlue Saga

Friday 6 September 2019, 10.50 am

We enjoyed a good nights’ sleep, had breakfast and sorted out the van. The facilities here at Balangen are the best I’ve ever seen. They’ve invested a huge amount of money and I do hope it pays off for them. The kitchen is superb but no one, including us, seems to have used the facilities. You have to pay extra to use them, which is understandable but a bit of a shame. We are sat in the kitchen now, and about to have a cup of coffee.

The kitchen, Ballangen campsite

We don’t need to be at the garage until 1.00 pm so we have a bit of time to kill. I had some practice flying the drone whilst Fiona did some yoga.

It is another rather grey wet day. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be good and I am hoping that we will be somewhere in Lofoten taking photographs!

3.00 pm

We have been sat here in the Ford dealers in Narvik for 2 hours but it feels longer.

When we arrived about 12.45 pm we were told that the truck from Sweden had not arrived and was late. Our part may or may not be on it. We haven’t heard anything since so I am just hoping it did arrive and they are working on it now. Let’s see …

8.50 pm

Hurrah hurrah hurrah! The van was fixed and we were able to drive it away at about 4.30 pm. There is some confusion about whether it is covered by the warranty but they are going to try and sort that out. Failing that, we will face a hefty bill of £800. I almost don’t care. Obviously, I don’t want to pay it but there are worse things …

We have got as far as Svolvær AGAIN and are parked up in the same spot we stayed on our second night here. It felt important to get back to where we had started. The weather for the next few days looks promising and we are planning on heading down to Å as originally planned. We have celebrated tonight with a drink of Pernod, it felt important to somehow mark the fact that the road trip is back on track and Fiona can start to enjoy her holiday again. It has been a rather difficult few days but we have got it sorted between us.

We’re on the road again!!!

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