Risk it or not….?

Wednesday 4 September 2019

We were so tired last night that we went to bed at 7.30 pm, had a snooze and put the light back on to read for a bit, then back to sleep! We are both trying to exude positive thoughts this morning as we await news of the van. The best we can hope for is that it is a computer fault and there is nothing actually wrong with the van at all. But we will see. We have booked to have breakfast in the Scandic hotel at 10 am, using the “too good to go” app. (Meaning food that is too good to go to waste). I am hoping that the rain stays off this morning so that we can get some shots of the waterside are in Svolvær.

I ordered us two “too good to go” breakfasts this morning and when we arrived at the Scandic Hotel, we were invited to have a coffee whilst we waited. We were then handed two excellent and very generous helpings of breakfast, along with a wooden fork. The downside was we had to eat it outdoors, given that the van was parked up at the Ford dealers. We found a table and bench in a holiday apartment complex by the waterside.

That was fine until it rained. After that we had to move to some shade next to a row of shops. Not the best. The breakfast itself was delicious – fresh baby tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, scrambled egg, sausage, new potatoes, cheese, chicken, salami and a huge portion of smoked salmon, and finally two slices of whole meal bread. Fabulous! I ate most of it and then had a pastry at the local bakery whilst we contemplated our fate.

A cheeky pastry while we wait for news of the van…..

After breakfast we made our way to the Ford dealers. It is warm and dry and there is a hot drinks machine. It looks as though some progress may be made this afternoon. They have suggested that they are going to look at the computer and they have appeared to go out to the van with the key … all must be a sign of something at least? I am hoping that we will have some resolution today. If not then maybe we need to think about hiring a car and venturing out regardless? Let’s see what the next hour or so will bring …

3.15 pm Dilemma! We have been sat here in the Ford Dealers Bil i Nord for four hours and they are no nearer resolving the problem with the van. The issue seems to be that there is nothing wrong with it BUT there is a computer fault. Our dilemma is if we drive it away will it simply cut out at the allotted warning time? At the moment it says there is 418 miles to go before it will not start. It’s a real problem and there is no easy solution. Do we just risk it and if the worse comes to pass call out breakdown cover? The technician here is stumped. The only thing he can try is to update the computer software and then try a reboot. If that doesn’t work then who knows?

Risk it or not…..?

9.20 pm Well … the computer idea failed at the first hurdle. The technician couldn’t get the laptop to connect to our van. So we are no further forward. We have been looking on the internet and it seems that the most common problem is with the DPF (diesel particle filter). So that’s something to discuss with the garage tomorrow morning. We decided it would be foolish to continue south down to Å, which is where we were heading. It made more sense to head north and we have arrived this evening in Narvik. It is a much bigger town and we hope that it will mean that there is more chance of a technician who knows more about the technical side of the problem. The technician who is the expert at Svolvær is actually on holiday so the guy who was helping us didn’t seem to know much, although he did try his best.

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