Hesten and Segla

Wednesday 28 August 2019

I had a hike up a mountain called Hester today from the village of Langfjordbotn. It’s a short but very steep climb with some scrambling to be had to reach The summit. The reason for the climb was to get into the best position to photograph the mountain next to it, Segla, an iconic mountain on the island of Senja.

It was a relentless steep hike to the top but was well worth it when I got there. The views were tremendous.

A superb view of Segla from the summit of Hester

It was also disappointing, as the sun was right behind Segla and the photographs are not great. Still it is what it is. I may get another chance when Fiona arrives on Friday if the weather stays as pleasant as it is now with temperatures of 19 degrees and lots of sunshine.

This evening I came to Steinfjord and wildcamped on the beach. A really nice little bay and the sky was a good colour this evening.

Steinfjord Bay

Must spend some of the day tomorrow cleaning the van in preparation for the arrival of “She, who must be obeyed” 😁

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