First Taste of Norway

8 August 2019

This turned out to be a really busy day! It began when I arrived in Karasjok, the Sami capital, and visited their cutural centre. It was fascinating to learn a little bit about their way of life.

After a good look around, I stayed for a coffee and a delicious cake before moving on northward.

I began to get used to seeing reindeer on the road and avoiding them (they have absolutely no raod sense and think nothing of standing in fron of your vehicle even though you drive right up to them.

I then found, quite by chance, the site of the Skoganvarre Field Hospital from World War Two, that has been left just as it was for anyone to look around. As an English person I never learned about the devastation that was caused in Northern Finland and Norway during the war, but it was extensive and cost thousands of lives. After crossing a very rickety suspension bridge over a wide river I looked around the remains of what was obviously an extensive facility that was hidden in the forest.

Quite late in the evening I found the Silfar Canyon in Porsanger and took a couple of images as the setting sun lit up the canyon walls.

Silfar Canyon

That just gave me time to find a wildcamp site on the shores of a small fjord nearby. And so to bed. An interesting day.

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