Into Norway!

Thursday 7 August

Having spent the night wild camped close to the Information Centre of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in northern Finland I got up at about 9am and had breakfast. Inside the centre there was an exhibition of photographs by Konsta Punkka that was absolutely superb showing the wildlife of the forest and the atmosphere of the area. 

I then headed off hoping to reach Norway by the end of the day. I stopped for fuel at a place called Hetta.

The landscape is really feeling quite remote now with much fewer dwellings and much longer distances between shops and garages. 

I crossed the border into Norway almost by accident! There was no border post and no border guards. 

I decided at one point to change course and head for Alta that is a bigger town with more facilities. Purely by chance when turning round to head in the other direction I came across a place full of interesting blue and green rocks with really good markings inside the rock so I took a few pictures of them. I think they may make a rather nice tryptic and some point in the future.

I also decided to find a campsite with WiFi because I’ve run out of network data. I ended up on a very reasonably priced site (£22) by the river in Alta. I’ve started on the 2nd Sweden video but I can’t upload the first one because the WiFi is too slow 🙄. 

I arrived quite late so here I am in Norway at last and heading for Varda tomorrow!

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