Wild Brown Bears

Saturday 3 August 2019

This was to be one of the highlights of the whole road trip. I arrived at the Wild Brown Bear Lodge early and excited. The staff are a really friendly bunch and the facilities there are very good. Here are a few photos to illustrate.

After a detailed briefing in the small, well equipped Briefing Room, I was taken to the hide with about 8 others, most of whom were staying for 3 or 4 nights in the Lodge. We had been given a packed lunch and fruit juice to keep us going through the night and I’d brought some of my own food too.

I had a hide to myself (No.1) and I sorted the place out to the way I wanted it, so that I was ready should the bears appear. I had views on three sides and by 6.30pm I was sorted and settled. 

Just after 7.0pm the bears began to appear and were quite close to my hide. I was surprised by how quiet they were and how fast they moved. One side of my hide looked across a small pond towards a group of rocks and during the evening it became apparent that this group of rocks were part of the bears natural pathway. 

Between 7.0pm – 10.30pm I saw a number of bears and photographed them. It was thrilling to see them relatively close up. A light brown and a dark brown one stayed in the area for over an hour. I saw a total of 7 different animals. 

After about 10.30pm I had no further sightings and it began to get too dark to photograph so I went to sleep about midnight. Woke up at 4.0am but see anything until 6.10am when I caught some video of a light brown bear. Great stuff!

What a night! 

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