Once upon a time……..

Saturday 27 July 2019

Day 6

I made my way, by train, to Copenhagen from my campsite at Hillerod, where I had an appointment with a certain Mr H. C. Andersen, a writer of stories for children. 

My very comfortable commuter train.

I have to comment on the wonderful railway system in Denmark, or at least the bit that I sampled. The commuter train was clean, comfortable, quiet and on time. No more to be said. Don’t get me started on the comparison between this train journey and any train journey made in the UK !

Copenhagen is a beautiful city that manages to mix the old and the new very well. This particular day, as temperatures rose to over 35 degrees, they were having a fitness competition in the city centre!

I went to see the statue of Hans Christian Andersen and did the obligatory selfie 🙂 

The place is full of bicycles!!!

Bicycles everywhere!

One of Copenhagen’s main attractions is Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park. It looks fantastic but I really didn’t have time to spend a few hours enjoying it, so here are a couple of photographs from outside.

I had a walk around the city centre and a few things struck me. The place is very clean, there is an abundance of public art to admire and it just feels very comfortable to be in. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, it’s the law to have at least one pint of Carlsberg whilst in the capital….Cheers!

Enjoy the photographs.

I really didn’t have time to take it all in, but I’m sure I’ll return sometime if at all possible. thank you for a lovely day out Copenhagen.

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