Memories of Dad

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Day 3

Woke up around 0630hrs after an excellent sleep and put the bed away and went for a shower. Weetabix for breakfast then collected bread and croissant I’d ordered the day before. 

Made my way into Goslar about 0930hrs and parked up near Kaiserplaz in the centre and soon found Kaiser Makt where dad’s hotel was, The Kaiser Worth Hotel. 

I was in shorts and I took a couple of stills in the spot where dads photo was but I look ridiculous in shorts so returned to the van and put some trousers on!

My father and I stood in the same spot 75 years apart

I then did some video with the Sony on a tripod. I felt really embarrassed doing a piece to camera but did it anyway. By this time it was 35 degrees and I was wilting so I had some lunch in a little cafe. Meatloaf with fried potatoes in bacon bits. Washed it down with small Paulaner beer. 

Had a really good look around Goslar. It’s a very pretty medieval town with buildings that have been wonderfully preserved and are in excellent condition. I finished the afternoon with an ice cold coke on a small hotel terrace. 

The Kaiser Worth Hotel that my father “looked after” at the end of WWII

I returned to the campsite and reviewed the stills and video. It’s not what I wanted and is very poor I think so I will return tomorrow morning to redo. 


It has been incredibly hot today and I’m now lying on top of the bed hoping for some breeze through the large open vents in the pop top roof hoping the mozzies can’t get in 😯🥵

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