Goslar here I come!

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Day 2

Woken up by Ship’s alarm 0700hrs I got up and went for a breakfast cafe mocha and croissant from the on board Starbucks.

It was a beautiful morning as we sailed into Port of Rotterdam – very impressed by the size and complexity of the port.

Disembarked 0830hrs and parked up just on dockside in front of the ferry. Took a few photos and made a very short video clip.

The Pride of Rotterdam Ferry

Then sorted the satnav and phone out and set off into the city bound for Goslar.

Rotterdam is huge!

I made the autobahn all the way to Goslar, with only a couple of stops for coffee. I met an Irishman trying to tap people up for money saying he was stranded. Didn’t believe him.

I didn’t pass through any toll barriers en route but saw signs and cameras for tolls. Maybe they’ll bill me by post?

Found a campsite easily and booked in. Woman in charge seemed a bit stern but ok. Booked for two nights.

My first campsite on the journey

After getting set up I discovered that the thawed curry/chilli bags had leaked in the bottom of fridge. Van stinks of curry so had a chilli one for tea. Very hot! Like the air temperature – 34 degs c. 🥵

I sorted the van out and went to bed around 10.0pm.

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