…..and I’m off!

Monday 22 July 2019

Day 1

I finished packing, said goodbye to my long suffering wife, Fiona, and filled up with fuel. I made the hour long journey to Hull and boarded the “Pride of Rotterdam” Parked on Deck 7 and made my way to my cabin on Deck 10. On time we departed at 2005hrs and that’s when I discovered my first big mistake in that I had forgotten to bring from the van the camera, toiletries bag, spare top and phone charger. Doh!

A ticket to adventure!

It was a beautiful warm evening and the perfect sunset as I left the Port of Hull and the UK for quite some time.

Such a lovely evening

I had a small adequate cabin and looked like it would give me a decent night’s sleep, ready in the morning for a long drive to Germany.

I went to the central area of the ship and had one pint in the bar. Looked in on the “entertainment” (not great) and decided to turn in at about 10.0pm.

I got settled in the quite comfortable lower bunk bed and noticed bad vibrations coming from the engine causing a constant tapping from the cabin wall by the upper bunk.

I couldn’t get to sleep at all and finally got up, put the upper bunk down and slept up top. Result! End of annoying tapping.

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